proper techniques for sensitised skin

Heard the phrase “less is more” ? It really applies to those with sensitive or sensitised skin. Follow these skin care dos and don’ts to help cut down on redness, reactivity, and flare-ups.

  1. Do not use hot water when cleansing.
  2. When cleansing, if skin is too sensitised even for water, use tissue or a gentle non-fabric cloth to remove product.
  3. Don’t use excessive or abrasive movements. Instead, go for gentle, upward circles.
  4. Speak to a skin care professional about a “less is more” product regimen that will help calm skin, reduce redness, and protect against flare-ups.
  5. Be mindful of exfoliants. First speak with a professional skin therapist to see if exfoliation is right for your skin. If it is, he or she will recommend a gentle exfoliant that won’t scratch or inflame skin.
  6. Use a moisturiser that helps block potentially-irritating pollutants from aggravating skin. These ingredients include:
  • Evening Primrose
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Oat Kernel Extract