bt-sonic® – microsonic cleansing brush


Powerful and portable, this microsonic cleansing brush is ideal for both home and professional use. Water resistant and engineered for everyday use, its ergonomic shape is comfortable in the hand, while its triangular cleansing head is thorough and gentle on your skin as the antimicrobial and antibacterial Azul silicone bristles cleanse areas that other brushes simply can’t reach. The bt-sonic is fun to use, provides a professional quality cleansing in as little as 2 minutes, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Dull days are over.

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Usage Instructions Features: IPX6 water resistant: The highest level of water resistance that can be achieved. 45% more water resistant than before. Light weight and compact for quick and effective cleansing. Can be used in any environment including the shower. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). Compact and agile: 1.5” w x 7.1” h. High performance tactile button. Weight: 2.8 oz.


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