why do I need to tone my skin?

Over the past few years, many women have become beauty experts when it comes to understanding the need for specialized, multi-step beauty routines. But however, there is one step that still elicits a lot of blank stares at the beauty counter- the toner.

Toner is an essential, yet often over-looked product, in a daily skincare routine.


Toners will help bring back the balance to your skin after cleansing. If you think of your cleanser as shampoo, which inevitably lightly strips the hairs as it cleanses, a toner is like a conditioner for your skin; bringing balance and softness to back ideal levels.

Finally, a toning formula developed to meet specific skin concerns will deliver even more benefits based on your needs.


Toner should be applied immediately after cleansing as the very next step in your routine. It’s used before more targeted skin care products because toners are specially formulated to prepare your skin to better accept the ingredients of your skin care products.


After cleansing, spritz 3-4 pumps directly onto face and neck, avoiding the eyes and gently tap into skin with your fingertips. Also ideal as a refreshing spritz over make-up throughout the day.